Can a Black person marry a White person?

Answer No, it is not illegal. It was at one time in this country, but we are past that now.You don't see it often, but Robert DeNiro has a black girlfriend (maybe wife, I'm not sure), for example.

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Is there a white person that has black hairive never seen that before.?

Why did a black person call me dark, but this white girl said I wasn't?

Maybe she thought he was being rude to you, bi-racials can be all colors, light to dark. It's kind of a stupid question to ask on his part really. So maybe she was actually trying to stick up for y... Read More »

These words - 'BLACK' and 'WHITE' - are they colours If so, can I call my black n white TV a coloured TV?

OMG I can't believe these people here who are answering your question think that you are being serious about this.

If a white woman has a baby with a black man is the child white or black?

In this country, if the baby has a drop of "color" in it.... the child is looked upon, treated as, and is considered to be black. Its called the one drop rule.