Is it possible for a tattoo artist to reuse a needle?

Answer On One Hand: Nonprofessionals MayTattoo artists who are not trained professionally reuse needles for two reasons. Nonprofessionals, called "scratchers" in the tattoo world, have no training in bloo... Read More »

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Does boiling a tattoo needle in water&alcohol sterilize the needle?

Boiling water is insufficient for sterilizing tattoo needles, and alcohol is just a disinfectant. Only an autoclave can properly sterilize tattoo equipment. Go to a licensed artist trained in cro... Read More »

Can a diabetic patient reuse an insulin needle?

On One Hand: Reusing Needles Has Some BenefitsCost may be an issue for many people who must order diabetic treatment supplies, and many people can reduce the cost of managing their diabetes through... Read More »

Where can I find a tattoo artist to tattoo my pubic area?

The best thing that you can do is go to one of your local tattoo shops in your town, and talk to some of the artists there. Normally, artists will tattoo just about anywhere, but like I said, you'l... Read More »

My new tattoo isn't accurate. How do I tell my tattoo artist this without sounding stupid Help please!?

Is this your first tattoo? If so, it's completely understandable why you're freaking out.Scabbing and fading is normal during the healing process. MOST tattoos have to be touched up, because the in... Read More »