Is it possible for a hacker to find your IP address from Yahoo! Answers?

Answer "Because someone can invade my account and change my password." - not with just an IP address they can't.EDIT: Yes I am positive about this. An IP address tells someone absolutely nothing about any... Read More »

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Can i find an ip address from a yahoo id?

It is not possible to determine anyone's IP address using a Yahoo ID. Yahoo has a strict privacy policy governing the disclosure of personal information. It will only reveal a user's IP address to ... Read More »

Why can't i find answers that were posted to yahoo answers in google?

Based on keywords and phrases (most probably importance of such questions) depending on that it will appear on Google Search.

How to Find out an IP Address and Person's Geographical Location from Yahoo Mail?

There are different reasons you may want to know a sender's IP address and his geographical location. Some examples are:  report a spammer,  identify a  sender  you feel you "might know" but fo... Read More »

Can Yahoo retrieve information that a hacker has deleted from an account?

In theory, yes - for example, if ordered to do so by a Court of Law ..However, even if you PAY them for the account the effort they are HIGHLY UNLIKELY to make the effort ... Why not ask them anywa... Read More »