Is it possible for a dairy cow to live a comfortable life?

Answer well according to PETA the dairy cows have to keep popping out calves so they keep producing milk.This is false. they produce one calf and never stop lactating. If you milk them daily, they produce... Read More »

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How to Live Without Dairy Products?

Do you have a condition which entails your phasing out dairy products from your diet? Whether you're lactose intolerant or have an actual allergy to dairy products, it's important to review your ea... Read More »

Is it possible to get dry socket when there is already a comfortable blood cot formed (3 days )?

yes, it is possible. I had dry socket a week after extraction.I would recommend you to avoid smoking at least for two more days, believe me that the complications are not worth it (had dry socket f... Read More »

What is dairy how can you know if juice has dairy?

dairy is milk product. fruit juice does not have dairy in.

Would you give examples of science and technology activities or products that make life more enjoyable and comfortable?

Mobile phonesSoapCarsSkyscrapersLiftsAir conditioningComputersThe InternetRazorsCamerasCarpetsGlassesMedicinePetrol/GasPlastics We have based our entire life around science and technological involv... Read More »