Is it possible for a convicted felon to get custody of a child?

Answer It is possible for a convicted felon to get custody of a child, it all depends on the felons current status and the nature of their crimes. It all depends and it is best to talk to a lawyer about t... Read More »

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Can a convicted felon in Virginia obtain custody of a child?

You need to add more details. All the factors related to a situation must be considered before any answer can be offered. For example, if the felon is the father and he committed grand larceny and ... Read More »

Can a convicted felon have a foster child?

It may depend on how long ago the conviction was, whether or not the conviction is spent or still standing, if the person is in jail or not, what the conviction was for. There is a number of things... Read More »

Does a convicted felon get supervised visits of his child?

Convicted felon owes child support in Florida?

Locate the nearest Child Support Enforcement office (usually through State welfare office), and submitt a copy of the parent's mug shot- which can be obtained via the county sheriff's website. This... Read More »