Is it possible for a child to fail Kindergarten?

Answer there is no such thing like fail in kindergarten! even if they like the worse student in the class or dont read well or etc, they are still wont fail in anything! come on! tell your aunt that they ... Read More »

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Can you really fail Kindergarten?

Teachers hesitate in using the word fail for such young kids. Often times they don't fail on purpose or anything.Kindergarten is a lot these days, much more than it used to be. By the end of kinder... Read More »

Are you willing to let your child fail?

If they won't accept (or are unable to learn from) my advice, guidance & instruction, and if their failure doesn't compromise their physical safety, then, yes, failure is a good way to learn someti... Read More »

Is it possible in New Jersey to get custody back if you lost your child to child services and is now adopted?

Who can legally and ethically report a child's injuries as possible child abuse if the child has not admtted to being abused?

a teacher and any one who can call CPS. if you think there is abuse put some calls in to child protective serves.