Is it possible for a bullet to go through your arm and for you to survive it?

Answer Sure, as long as no major arteries were hit.

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Differences among all the "Bullet" styles - Magic bullet, Nutri bullet, Party bullet, etc.?

How to Dig a Bullet Out of Yourself?

You just got shot, but don't want to, or can't go to, the hospital. Follow these steps, and you might increase your chances of survival and reduce infection.Do not take this action unless absolutel... Read More »

How to Make a Bullet Bra?

The bullet bra is a woman's undergarment made to support and enhance the look of thebreasts designed during the Cold War Era. The pointy, cone-shaped covering was redesigned by Jean-Paul Gaultier f... Read More »

What is a snuff bullet?

A snuff bullet is a single dose of sniffing tobacco. Tobacco can be tapped out of the bullet and sniffed. There is also an air hole in the bullet that allows the tobacco to be sniffed directly from... Read More »