Is it possible for a brand new camcorder to be worth less than £20?

Answer When a 99p shop opened near me they were giving away a portable TV or a DVD player to the 1st 100 customers. I refused to queue with my friend in the freezing overnight weather so she gloating got... Read More »

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I want to buy a camcorder. Which brand(s) do you recommand?

You can never really go wrong with a sony. Just remember to stick to the name brands. Don't buy a brand that you have never heard of.

What is a good brand of camcorder / camera I can buy?

HD Camcorders and DSLR Cameras interpolate the video, which means of every 25 frames of video, 4 or 5 frames are taken by the lens assembly; the other frames in between these are filled in by the c... Read More »

What is the best brand of camcorder and why recommend a model?

Spend $6 and get one month's subscription to consumer reports online…This is assuming you're looking for a consumer level one.

Worth repairing a 7-year old camcorder?

Don't even bother. You will end up paying for the basic service only to be told that the spare parts are not available and the camcorder cannot be repaired.Buy a brand new one, there are tons of mo... Read More »