Is it possible for TMJ popping to go away on its own?

Answer When I was a teenager I was diagnosed with this. I had the popping and it was quite painful, even into my young adulthood i had problems. I never had any therapy for it. I am now well into my mid 3... Read More »

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When I go and add block plus does that stay on my computer and it will take away this Shockwave popping up?

Download pop up blocker (Addon for Adblock Plus) FireFox:…Chrome:… (Not available.)-Elian

I heard one time that someone died from popping a pimple, is that possible?

Our skin has multiple normal bacterial flora growing on it. These bacteria are commonly found in the debris inside the pore of pimples. Theoretically if you pop a pimple then the bacteria could en... Read More »

Is it possible or at all likely for my asthma to go away if I lose 120 lbs?

Sadly it is not possible for your asthma to go away by exercising. However if you do lose weight and do more aerobic activity such as light jogging then you can increase your cardiovascular fitnes... Read More »

Is it possible to fade away burn marks?

Here is a site that may solve or help the problem. It is a whitening day cream that is safe with no harmful ingredients like many drug stores have. Check it out it should help.http://www.Whitenin... Read More »