Is it possible and legal to copy DVDs to your computer?

Answer The RIAA would have you believe that it's illegal, and like sheep, so many people are willing to go along with it. The DMCA passed by Congress permits an owner to make an archival copy for backup ... Read More »

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Is it legal to 'copy' dvds?

There is a Copyright act that allows you to make 1 archival copy. But they do put copy protection on the disks to make this difficult.

Is it legal to copy tv movies to dvds?

In the landmark 1984 case Sony Corp. v. Universal City Studios, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that recording a movie from the television is legal under the "fair use" doctrine as long as the recordi... Read More »

Is it legal to copy DVDs to your iPod?

Strictly speaking, it's legal to copy a DVD onto an iPod or a mobile device only if you own the hardcopy from which you're transferring. If you're borrowing it, making your own copy violates copyri... Read More »

How do I copy DVDs to my computer?

It's possible to copy, or "rip" your DVD movies to your computer as video files, playable in programs like Windows Media Player and VLC. With the right DVD-ripping program, this process is quick an... Read More »