Is it painful to get braces removed?

Answer It'll be uncomfortable, but not painful. It feels like they're pushing off of your teeth and popping the braces off, which is pretty much what they're doing. It's a quick process.As soon as you hav... Read More »

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Is it painful to have stitches do they freeze you, is it painful to have them removed?

not painful at all - they'll give you a shot to numb the area, then they'll sew you up - can't feel a thingand if you're like me, your stitches will just fall out by themselves and you won't even n... Read More »

Are Braces Painful?

Right now, i have braces. The amount depends on how messed up your mouth is (no offense to anyone or you). I have a really bad over-bite and when i first had them put on, they hurt. They push again... Read More »

Braces painful...wondering?

Only a little for the first few days. If they cut into the sides of her mouth they will hurt for a few days, then callous so you can't feel it.And when they tighten them, add rubber bands, etc. S... Read More »

After braces are removed do you pay for the checkups?

My daughter is in the same stage and we do not pay for her check ups.