Is it painful having a baby?

Answer Yes it is very painful but a wonderful experience :)

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Has any link been suggested between a baby having had blue baby syndrome and later at 3 yrs having epilepsy?

No as the blue baby is caused by a whole in the heart, and not epilepsy.

Is having an heart attack painful?

It is generally very painful and yes you would know about it! Mind you that said there is such a thing as a "silent" heart attack and as the name suggests you would not know about that.

I'm 14 what is it like having sex for the first time, is it painful?

You're way too young! Please wait a few more years. And yes, it is painful.

Is having a heart attach painful what ways can u prevent it?

A heart attack is extremely painful.Eat right (litle to no red meat) exericise and reduce stress are starters