Is it okey to use a pacifier for the babies?

Answer yea its fine

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Okey, anyone can help in finding a movie ;)?

The Darkest Hour

Which children's series did 'okey-dokey' come from?

Okey-dokeyMeaningOkay. There are some late 20th century alternative meanings, limited to the USA, e.g. 'absurd or ridiculous' and 'to swindle or deceive'.OriginThis little phrase is a variant of ok... Read More »

Okey so In leaving home tommorow by Train with no Money what do I do?

You can always request a money transfer from friends and family to purchase the needed tickets. You also could walk if needed.You also could do odd jobs in order to pay for your ticket.

Getting rid of the pacifier?

It shouldn't be as hard to get rid of it altogether since he only has it when he's sleeping anyway. You might want to try and get rid of it BEFORE you run out of them completely, otherwise you migh... Read More »