Is it okay to wear mascara daily?

Answer Yes, it is absolutely fine to wear mascara daily, just make sure, as you said, you wash it off each night, because if you don't, you can get Sty's / sports which block the hair fascicles. So yeah, ... Read More »

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Ladies... what make-up is a daily "must" for you Mascara, powder, eyeliner, foundation, etc Why?

Foundation and mascara. that has to b a must otherwise id scare everyone to death and we don't want that do we now.

Is it ok that i wear only mascara?

I am also 15, blonde hair, fair skin. I used to wear eyeliner all the time because I thought it was brighten up my eyes and makeup all together. But once i just tried mascara and some eyeshadow. Th... Read More »

Do you wear mascara everyday?

HECK YEAH!!!Mascara is amazing in what it does to the eye, I would say if you were to chose from eyeshadow, or mascara, I would put mascara. Even if you just put mascara on it looks pretty!!!!Well,... Read More »

What color mascara should I wear?