Is it okay to wear black leggings as pants if the top covers your butt?

Answer Yes, I see people doing that all the time. Long shirt and fine. If people in your area don't do that, maybe you'll inspire a trend :)

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Why do girls wear leggings as pants?

Because they want people to see their asses. That's really all their is to it.And to anyone saying you can't see through them, oh my god, yes you can. Just the other day I was shopping and there w... Read More »

I have a navy blue shirt and khaki pants is it okay 2 wear violet black white and grey sneakers with it?

It doesn't look very good. Uniform clothes generally are good with black shoes like flats or oxfords. Those would look strange together, I've seen people do it. But if you like it go for it, its al... Read More »

If Women wear pants with "Juicy" on their butt, would men wear pants with "Meaty" on their crotches?

LOL, that is the funniest thing I ever heard, and for the record, I HATE those dumbas* pants with words on the butt, like cutie pie, cheerleader, ditzy psychopath, or Juicy. I think it makes girls ... Read More »

Do Black Moccasins look okay with leggings?

it should be fine - colors should match or complment each other