Is it okay to wear a body slimmer when you are few weeks pregnant?

Answer Answer Up until about 12 weeks your body doesn't change much anyway so you should be fine. After about 16-17 weeks you will probably want to wear a specific maternity support.

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Is it okay to reach above your head when you are 37 weeks pregnant?

answer You have obviously heard the old wives tale that the baby will become tangled in its cord. This is a load of nonsense, the baby in the uterus is totally isolated from the rest of your muscl... Read More »

I am 6 weeks along and got 3 moles removed today with lanacaine and the doctor said it was okay is it safe to have lanacaine injections when you are pregnant?

If you have any reason to question your doctor, get another MD's opinion, because if your doctor was wrong those are the only ones that will count in a court of law, which is where you would be hea... Read More »

What could be wrong if you have diarrhea nausea and a brown discharge for a couple of weeks when you are 10 weeks pregnant?

Answer You most likely are having issues with first trimester pregnancy FUN! :) I would call your OB just to be on the safe side because you need your mind at rest. Intercourse can cause spottin... Read More »

Why are you measuring 34 weeks pregnant when you are only 29 weeks?

There are so many reasons I hope you will have an ultrasound to find out.