Is it okay to use tea bags that are a couple of years old?

Answer yes, it's fine. If it was stored in a cool, dark place, it probably hasn't gained any moisture. If it's stayed dried these years, then the tea bags are fine. Especially if they are individually w... Read More »

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Is it okay for a 17 years old male to go with a 14 years old female And they having sex is that okay And what if they was in love and they want to have a baby Can anything bad happen to the male?

Don't do it. it's illegal. Especially for you. There was a few boys at my school ages 13 - 14 and they were playing with a girl on the bus. They all got arrested and went to court. The girl was th... Read More »

A couple of years my mother told me i had an older brother that she had adopted out before i was born is there any way i can find out about him without my mum knowing?

Email this guy. this is what he posted on the internet: I know that are many people have discovered they have a sibling that was put up for adoption. I understand the range of emotions that this ne... Read More »

What was the ABC Family show a couple years ago where the boys new friend killed the boy that used to live in his housethe boy just moved there with his mom and step dad?

What was the game show called that was on a couple of years ago It was set up like a store and the contestants would have to run around and get different things in the store?