Is it okay to use tea bags that are a couple of years old?

Answer yes, it's fine. If it was stored in a cool, dark place, it probably hasn't gained any moisture. If it's stayed dried these years, then the tea bags are fine. Especially if they are individually w... Read More »

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Do laptops only last a couple of years and then you have to get a new one?

Pretty much all computers have an expiration on them. I've had my laptop for 2 1/2 years and it still works great. One key is to have really excellent virus protection. My laptop is a Gateway, they... Read More »

Im 13 and have gynecomastia can it go away in a couple of years or months?

Gibby- My Answer is a bit long, but I hope it helps...Gynecomastia is the enlargement of breasts in males that commonly starts to appear in teenage years. Although there are cases that gynecomastia... Read More »

Do plasma TV's need re charging every couple of years or so?

I don't know but they use up 4 times more energy than a normal TV.....just thought I'd tell you!

Digital camera which hasn't been used for a couple of years...?

It is possible your batteries are dead, especially if they are AA non rechargeable batteries.Never attempt to clean contacts with abrasives. You are asking for trouble.You can use 99% alcohol to cl... Read More »