Is it okay to use sliced cheese from 2 months ago?

Answer Yes! Cheese cant go bad , cheese is just moldy milk anyway

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How to Make Cheese Tortillas With Sliced Cheese?

Is it okay to eat sliced Turkey/Ham uncooked?

It is precooked before it is sliced and packedHman

Okay so im a dumb@$$ and just sliced my finger open... help?

Depends on how deep the cut is. If it is just a small, shallow cut clean it off with some cool running water, use some firstaid cream (or equivelent) and apply a bandage after the bleeding has sto... Read More »

Can you freeze Kraft sliced American cheese?

The best cheeses to freeze are semi-hard and hard cheeses such as cheddar, provolone and Swiss. Kraft sliced American cheese can be classified as a semi-hard cheese. Keep the cheese slices in their... Read More »