Is it okay to take imodium when you have a stomach virus?

Answer On One Hand: Imodium, Availability and How It WorksAccording to Medicine Net, physicians prescribe Imodium to control diarrhea. It works by slowing the muscles that move stool through the intestine... Read More »

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Will imodium prolong a stomach virus?

On One Hand: Imodium May Prolong a Stomach VirusWhile Imodium often provides relief for diarrhea, bloating, and abdominal discomfort, it may not be the best thing to take while suffering from a sto... Read More »

Is it okay to have a cold stomach during pregnancy?

Do I have a stomach virus?

Kayla it's hard to say stomach virus because no one is sure you can't be pregnant?symptoms sound also like. pregnancy. diarrhea and constipation really dont makie sence either. It is usually one... Read More »

How long does it take to show symptoms after being exposed to a stomach virus?

(((Ecter)))O hope hes Ok When you have stomach virus you may have these symptoms:nausea vomiting stomach cramps diarrhea mild fever fatigue chills loss of appetite muscle aches. The illness may de... Read More »