Is it okay to take an 8 month old to Morton's Steakhouse?

Answer I take my daughter everywhere. If there isnt a child's menu, we share. I get grilled chicken and veggies. Every place has that. We do that most of the time anyways. $25 pp, is really about the same... Read More »

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Do you work at Outback Steakhouse How long did it take (post-interview) to get notified of your hire?

Is it okay to diet and breastfeed a three month old baby?

There is dieting and dieting. When breastfeeding your body needs an extra 500 calories or so a day.So, although I would not call it dieting you can CHANGE your diet. Eat more than usual of GOOD f... Read More »

Is it okay for a 34 month old boy to be 38 inches tall and weigh 28 pounds?

NO it is most definetly not normal for anyone to have a fever and stmomach aches and i recomend taking your child to the doctors as soon as you can to make sure that is nothing sereios! Yes i did m... Read More »

Will your 20-month-old daughter be okay traveling to Disney World Florida from Manchester England?

LONG TRAVEL How do you expect strangers to tell you how your daughter will behave? The better question is, "Are YOU prepared for the stress of keeping your daughter quiet and calm while traveling ... Read More »