Is it okay to take a vitamin with alcohol?

Answer its perfectly fine. actually if you drink a lot you loose more vitamins so you should do it more often.

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I have wolff parkinson white syndrome and I take atenolol, is it okay to drink alcohol?

Ask your doctor.Atenolol can make your body have a harder time adjusting to the liver impairment that alcohol causes. And I don't know whether or not alcohol can trigger heart attacks in Wolff Park... Read More »

Should you take vitamin D3 with K2?

Unless you have been diagnosed as Vitamin D3 deficient, then I would skip both supplements. If you get a little exposure to the sun, your body will produce all the D-vitamins it needs.

Should I Take Iron With Vitamin C?

Knotless leaders and lines are used by many fly fishermen. Although still available for purchase, hand-tied knotted leaders have pretty much been replaced by manufactured tapered leaders. Attaching... Read More »

Is it okay to take a shower with dissolvable stitches?

Generally speaking, if the incision area is well healed and not draining, the dressing can be left off and you can shower."But i dont want to screw anything up..." -- Then phone your surgeon's of... Read More »