Is it okay to take a Sleep Sheet even though im under 18?

Answer yeah, my mom gave them to me when i was younger and wouldnt shut up and go to sleep.

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Is it okay to start drinking, even though your still at work on New Years Eve?

Of course it least now you have an excuse...I mean you drink at work the other 250 +/- days, so why worry now?

Is it okay to uninstall TomTom from my computer - even though the Sat-Nav is still being used?

I wish I had a friend who needed me to get his Sat-Nav up and running...Ooh la la!

Is it okay to use clarithromycin for 20 days even though doctor prescribed it for 10 days?

No, you should go see your doctor again. If the symptoms never went away, it might be that whatever is causing them is not responding to the chlarithromycin. If you're not positive about what is it... Read More »

Can I take a shower even though we just got new walls?

A normal bath is fine , just don t splash up the walls.. Other than that what until its ok with mom. She s going by what the installers told her. GL