Is it okay to take Cymbalta and Imitrex?

Answer On One Hand: Interaction WarningAccording to, taking the headache medicine Imitrex with the depression medicine Cymbalta is warned against, as possible severe or even fatal side effects c... Read More »

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Question for others who may take Imitrex Injections?

Be aware; it is *possible* to overdose on Imitrex:In clinical studies conducted before Imitrex was approved, higher-than-usual doses of Imitrex did not result in any adverse reactions. However, the... Read More »

How long does Cymbalta take to work?

The time it takes Cymbalta to work depends on what it is prescribed for. For depression, some improvement may be noticed in one to four weeks, with full effects being felt in four to six weeks. Imp... Read More »

What will happen if I take 6 cymbalta pills?

Nothing, but if using the drug for the treatment of depression I would recommend getting down a cycle of taking the SSRI/SNRI (drug class of Cymbalta). It's important to maintain a level of the dru... Read More »

I have Fibromyalgia & my DR put me on Cymbalta for the pain . Anyone else have appetite loss with cymbalta?

I also have Fibromyalgia and am Cymbalta. And yes I did have appetite loss, which I didn't consider a bad thing.While the Cymbalta does help some for the pain, Lyrica has helped 100 times more for... Read More »