Is it okay to spank your child?

Answer this question is a philosophical one and no real answer can be accepted by all give an answer "yes" or "no" would be biased and an unfair statement.

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How do you spank a child?

You hit them hard. Warning: DO NOT spank a child unless you have a reason/ Only suitable for minors?: People used to think it was necessary to "spank" adult members of the community, military tra... Read More »

How to Spank a Child over the Knee?

Sometimes, your children just don't listen. Most parents and guardians are against corporal punishment (spanking), but if you do spank, never go too far and don't spank because you are angry. That ... Read More »

Is it illegal to spank your child?

Maybe in some countries but not in America or Canada!

Do you spank a two year old child?

No they r still too young just put them in timeout or tap their wrist and tell them "No"