Is it okay to snack on whole natural almonds?

Answer YES!!! Almonds are one of the best things on the planet for you. They're a good source of protein, heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, and several vitamins and minerals.Having said that, however, ... Read More »

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Is it okay to eat a pb&j sandwich for a snack if I'm weight training?

pb&j sandwich and a glass of milk is one of my weight training meals.i know a bodybuilder who ate a pnb sandwich daily and he got his bodyfat down below 5%.he eats Naturally More pnb from Walmart t... Read More »

I know almonds are good for you but I don't like the taste of plain unsalted almonds. What can I add to them?

I like to slice them (reccomended brand is mariani), roast them and put em in vanilla yougurt with divided clememtines. Its really tasty and good for you and makes an awesome breakfast or lunch.

I'm heavily depressed and i just took around a whole packet of ibuprofen, will i be okay?

take a glass of mix fruit juice & any anti acidic tab like : domperidone, ranitidine, rabeprazole so as to reduce the discomfort from ur stomach & to reduce gass.& go out for a walk it will help a ... Read More »

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