Is it okay to sedate your kids for a night out?

Answer It's a valid question, but a sad one. It's sad it took people so long to see what the question was directed at.

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Is it okay to let your computer be on all the time or should you turn it off every night?

I turn my computer off at night to clear the sites I have been on and it clears the cache too. This helps if your computer starts running slow. I did find the site below that is too cute. Check it ... Read More »

Is it okay to leave your kids in the car at the gas pump while you run in to pay?

I'm Chris's wife and absolutely not! I saw one mother do that a gas station Chris was pumping the gas for us. This young mother left her 3 year old in the car along while she paid for her gas. S... Read More »

How to Hide Your Laptop from Your Parents at Night (for Kids)?

You're talking to your friends on Facebook and your parents come to take your laptop to make sure you go to sleep. This can be frustrating for kids of any age. You're not the only one! Nearly any k... Read More »

If your ex has sole physical custody but you are entitled to having your kids spend the night once a week can that be taken away because you live with your girlfriend and she doesnt approve?

AnswerThere has to be a reason she doesn't approve. Either the girlfriend is not someone your ex feels the children should be around , or she is jealous. In which she will need to move on. As long ... Read More »