Is it okay to rip or burn money?

Answer No. Ripping or burning money is an illegal. You can get arrested for that even though ripping and burning money is destroying money.

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Is it okay to burn wood in a gas fireplace?

You can burn wood in a gas fireplace if it was originally a wood fireplace that now has a gas line and fake logs. You can disconnect the gas and remove the logs. If your fireplace was originally ga... Read More »

Is it okay to put lemon juice on a burn?

No, it is not a good idea to put lemon juice on a burn. While the cooling effect might feel good momentrily, the skin at the burn site is already damaged, and the last thing you need is an acid on ... Read More »

Is Poplar Okay to Burn in a Wood Burning Stove?

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Is it okay to take money for a g shock?

Are you asking if stealing from your parents is ok to do? Well obviously the answer is no and you shouldn't do it but it seems like you already know that yourself anyway. What exactly are you looki... Read More »