Is it okay to put my pearls in the freezer for safe-keeping?

Answer Although the nacre found in natural pearls is likely to survive freeing unscathed, the same may not be true of the protein part of pearls. The Cool Conservation organization does not recommend free... Read More »

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Does keeping batteries in the freezer really save life?

Yes, your freezer is not the Arctic. The cold slows the natural discharge.

Have you ever put something in your bra for safe keeping?

My lip ring during a Queens of the stone age concert!!

Is there really any way of keeping a pc 100% safe from trojans?

yeah lol never have the internet connected----edit----there is one way there is a program called DeepFreeze made by fatronics i think you can pay $30 to use software for life, you install it and wh... Read More »

If you had to take one thing from your house.........but nothing else for safe keeping what would it be?