Is it okay to put hand sanitiser/alcohol gel in an open cut?

Answer It will certainly clean the cut, but it won't do much good when it comes to healing. Strong alcohol which is in sanitisers can actually damage the new cells trying to grow to heal the cut. It's bet... Read More »

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Is hand swelling normal after open hand surgery?

i would see the doctor. i would think you would get swelling after surgery and expect it to start going down after a week or so not the other way round. its always best to check with the doctor in ... Read More »

Is it okay if I still have my hand on my (thing) and after I ejactulated and then fell asleep?

Hey man whatever gets you through the night

I cut my hand open..?

Go to the hospital now. The white stuff is more likely to be tendons, bones or ligaments. Fat is yellow so it aint that and definately not pus (it hasn't been long enough). Keep reinforcing the ban... Read More »

Okay so im a dumb@$$ and just sliced my finger open... help?

Depends on how deep the cut is. If it is just a small, shallow cut clean it off with some cool running water, use some firstaid cream (or equivelent) and apply a bandage after the bleeding has sto... Read More »