Is it okay to not have vegetables for just one day?

Answer Da hell? Why wouldn't you eat BOTH? Diet is VARIETY. You need to have variety to ensure you are getting a nutritionally adequate diet.

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Is it okay to have a shower when you have just put tcp on ypour ear lobe because it was infected?

When you have your shower the tcp will be washed off so just re=apply the tcp when you have showered..................

I just ate 6 thick pancakes how do i keep from getting constipated i have no vegetables ?

I didn't realize you could get constipated from pancakes. Anyway, yes drink water, and have a few gulps of magnesium citrate. Always keep a bottle on hand in the fridge, it works like a charm.

Im afraid to lose my muscle but i just want to have one rest day is that okay?

You can take a rest day. In fact, the time off will give your muscles a chance to heal, and muscle development will not suffer. The day off itself is not as detrimental to your results as is what y... Read More »

Which vegetables do you have trouble eating because you just do not like the taste of them?

I love asparagus and eggplant! You just have to prepare them correctly.l HATE brussel sprouts and celery. To me there is no correct way to eat them. I'm also very picky about cauliflower and brocc... Read More »