Is it okay to not have a myspace or facebook?

Answer Its socially acceptable. I dont have one and have no intention of ever getting one. Good for networking and making friends perhaps but so is the real world ;)

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Do you have a myspace or facebook?

I have both, I recommend getting both. No harm in signing up for 2 different things. If you had to pick 1 I highly prefer myspace. Probably won't be your friend though (sorry, honesty)

Is it okay to have my 12 year old daghter on facebook?

only if you want her to grow up thinking she doesnt have to obey laws she doesnt agree with - not very good parenting

So I have a facebook, and myspace. Is twitter really fun at all?

Ehh not really. I have a myspace and facebook too. I tried Twitter and it was like....okaaaay, whats the point in this? Honestly I only went on it once (to make a profile) and that was my last time... Read More »

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