Is it okay to mix vitamins?

Answer Though I think it would probably be okay, you'd probably have the best chance using a multi-vitamin that contains all or most of what you want. If it doesn't contain what you want, you can probably... Read More »

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Is it okay to take several different vitamins?

There are a few vitamins you should not take with others, but they would advise that on the bottle. It is fine to take many vitamins daily, as long as there is no warning to not take it with any o... Read More »

Is it okay to drink vitamin water instead of taking normal vitamins?

Unfortunetly, vitamin water's name is deceiving since it contains hardly any vitamins. It basically is just sugar water, but if you like it, it'll cause no harm. It is yummy.Since you're healthy,... Read More »

Are shaklee vitamins better than gnc vitamins?

On One Hand: Shaklee Guarantees SafetyAccording to their website, Shaklee's quality assurance program (QAP) tests new ingredients 350 times and continues to "conduct over 80,000 quality tests annua... Read More »

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