Is it okay to marinate a leg of lamb?

Answer As long as the "Sell By" or "expiration date" is 2 days away, that is fine. I would go easy on the Rosemary because it can be overpowering, especially when marinating for that long.

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Is it okay to drizzle some olive oil marinade on top of lamb rack after serving it?

you can if you want to. I use something like that for drizzling on the lamb before and during roasting then serve the lamb with Bestito Caliente, Mint Sauce, or Mint Jap salsa.I hate the flavor of ... Read More »

How to Substitute Lamb Shoulder Chops for Lamb Shanks?

In order to substitute lamb shoulder chops for lamb shanks, you have to cook the chops the same way you would cook the shanks. Lamb shank is a cut from the arm of the shoulder that contains leg bon... Read More »

Okay, okay. The final battle for tonight. Collective Solipsism vs. Big Boi!!?

Collective was nicer but his lines sorta didn't flow well, Big Boi flowed but it wasn't as complex and thought out as Collective...hmmm, I'll lean with Collective just for quality

How to Marinate Salmon?

Marinating salmon will enhance its flavor considerably without losing the inherent great taste of the fish. Salmon soaked in a marinade absorbs and retains the flavors of the ingredients and is a m... Read More »