Is it okay to lose weight before pregnancy?

Answer Answer it depends on how overweight are you.its ok to come to your normal BMI before conception.take good nutrition and folic acid supplementation.

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Hmm okay I am 5'6 150 lbs. and want to lose weight. give me a strict work-out routine.?

Step 1= RunEveryday, run 2 miles. If you have a track at your school, that translates to 8 laps.Step 2= CoreDo 100 crunches/ sit-ups everydayStep 3= ArmsEveryday, you should do 50 push upsStep 4= E... Read More »

Is it okay to eat something unhealthy once a week while you lose weight?

Your absolutely fine! The only things unhealthy on that list btw is the chocolate and cupcake. You must be really skinny. :) Just once or twice a week won't makea BIT of difference! Just not more t... Read More »

How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy?

www.thepostnatal.comAfter your delivery, it could take a couple of weeks before you can begin your exercise plan. Start out slowly with light exercises and stretches. The high impact aerobic and an... Read More »

How to Lose Twin Pregnancy Weight?

So, you just had twin babies and they are the joys of your life but you want your pre-pregnancy body back? What do you do to get results but not go overboard? Well, here is the healthy way to go.