Is it okay to let kids ages 14 or 15 drink wine coolers?

Answer It is not okay to let kids under 21 to drink anything with alcohol in it. Do you really need to start kids drining that early? Like there is not enough they have to deal with!

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Is it okay for a twelve-year-old to drink 5 glasses of red wine?

I see, no it is not okay, perhaps a half glass but not the 5. Tell your folks what he did they will need to take him to the hospital emergency department then explain to the authorities how this ha... Read More »

Is it okay to drink wine while you're pregnant?

Answer General wisdom says that women should not drink alcohol or use drugs during pregnancy. Always check with your physician before taking any medication during pregnancy. Answer NO!!!! http://w... Read More »

List of Wine Coolers?

Wine coolers, also called cocktails, have a distinctive, yet acquired taste that some people like more instead of beer or other alcoholic drinks. Many wine coolers feature carbonated fruit flavors,... Read More »

What are wine coolers ?

Wine coolers are an alcoholic beverage similar to fruit juice, but are carbonated. Popular since the 1980s, wine coolers offer a sweet alternative to beer and mixed drinks.IntroductionThe wine cool... Read More »