Is it okay to leave your eyes open while you scan your face?

Answer thinking abt it was probably not the best idea to keep ur eyes open. Just like I have gotten told pointing at lazor pointer into someones eye isnt a good thing because one could go blind...come to ... Read More »

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Is it okay to scan your face on a scanner while your eyes are open?

It is okay.At least is not as dangerous as trying to fax your penis...

Can I scan my face with my eyes open as long as I don't look directly at the light?

Its ok, if you can stand the light (somehow I think you might enjoy it.) keep your eyes open......if you can catch the right angle you get a weird effect....

McAfee wont scan...i can open it look at all its other options but when i click onto scan it doesnt move from ?

Hi JackForget McAfee. Get AVAST software. It is FREE and secondly, much faster, extremely reliable and it will not slow the performance of your computer.All programmers swear by this software for a... Read More »

Though i scan my pendrive when ever it is used outside, it shows some unwanted files when i open it after scan?

Use another kind of antivirus like avast, AVG to scan your pendrive and fix it