Is it okay to leave your eyes open while you scan your face?

Answer thinking abt it was probably not the best idea to keep ur eyes open. Just like I have gotten told pointing at lazor pointer into someones eye isnt a good thing because one could go blind...come to ... Read More »

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Is it okay to scan your face on a scanner while your eyes are open?

It is okay.At least is not as dangerous as trying to fax your penis...

Is it okay to leave your kids in the car at the gas pump while you run in to pay?

I'm Chris's wife and absolutely not! I saw one mother do that a gas station Chris was pumping the gas for us. This young mother left her 3 year old in the car along while she paid for her gas. S... Read More »

Can I scan my face with my eyes open as long as I don't look directly at the light?

Its ok, if you can stand the light (somehow I think you might enjoy it.) keep your eyes open......if you can catch the right angle you get a weird effect....

Your Open Question: In what situation might you decide to leave your window uncovered?

1. If there's no chance that someone could see in through that window2. If no private activities will be taking place in there -- example, my laundry room3. If the window has frosted or obscured glass