Is it okay to leave my laptop on 24/7 ?

Answer I dont see any problems with leaving our laptop on 24/7 You should be ok, especially having an active're golden.

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Is it okay to leave your Apple laptop plugged in?

On One Hand: It Is FineApple laptops run on lithium batteries, which function fine if you leave them plugged in. Lithium batteries, unlike NiCad batteries, do not need to be cycled often and have n... Read More »

Is it okay to leave a box spring& bed on the floor?

It is perfectly acceptable to simply place a box spring and mattress directly on the floor. This can actually help save space and prevent clutter. Understand, however, that cold air sinks so it may... Read More »

Is it okay to leave my monitor on all the time?

Read the specs, but it is probably 15 watts when on, and 3 watts when it puts itself to sleep. You really don't need sleep mode or screensaver with an LCD monitor. The image does not BURN IN, an... Read More »

How long is it okay to leave the stove on for?

If there is no other means of heating your place it will be ok to use the oven, just remember they use more power than heaters of course.You probably cook in the oven for longer periods.Just try to... Read More »