Is it okay to leave my laptop on 24/7 ?

Answer I dont see any problems with leaving our laptop on 24/7 You should be ok, especially having an active're golden.

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Is it ok to leave laptop on 24/7?

Well since people here are dumb, ill answer your question..Its fine to leave it on. i leave mine on for weeks at a time, and its fine.It will not overheat from leaving it on, and it wont catch fire... Read More »

Is it bad to leave your laptop on all day?

It does wear down on your power supplies life, which will eventually die. That, and it has a possibility of overheating, which is quite common in laptops. I would say that it doesn't do any damage,... Read More »

Can you leave a laptop on all day?

It'll be fine if it's on a table or a desk. Just don't leave it on a bed as some teen girls do as the laptop cannot "breathe" and it might catch fire.

How long can i leave my laptop on?

Laptops tend to overheat, so it's not a good idea to leave one running unused, but it will last on battery power until the battery dies. Running off an AC adapter, you can leave a laptop on indefin... Read More »