Is it okay to kiss a woman after going down on her yay or nay ?

Answer I like the way I taste, so sure. But make sure she likes it first.

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Is my friend going to be okay after his head injury?

Unfortunately, only time will tell with this kind of injury with both the memory and the "getting back on his feet." Good luck to both of you!!

Is it okay to drive after two 40s Cause how else am I going to get to the store for another 40?

It's okay unless they pull you over. If they pull you over it means you were doing something wrong. So it only stands to reason after two 40's that if you aren't getting pulled over you must be oka... Read More »

Why would your HCG level be rising after going down?

Answer HCG levels only rise during pregnancy or if your taking medication that contains HCG. If your levels went down and then up again, this could be for any number of reasons. A strong possibilit... Read More »

Is it okay to french kiss your daughter on her lips?