Is it okay to have a baby at the age of 16?

Answer No

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Is it okay for a teenager to want to have a baby?

It is okay to want to have a baby - it's akin to wanting a puppy - they are adorable and the difficulty of it is hard to imagine before you actually bring one home - but HAVING a baby as a teenager... Read More »

Is it okay that I want to have my brothers baby?

No it is not considering the child will most likely have physical and mental problems. Siblings should not have children together. If you have sex it would also be incest which is illegal even when... Read More »

If you have your baby at 36 weeks will your baby be okay?

Is it okay for a 17 years old male to go with a 14 years old female And they having sex is that okay And what if they was in love and they want to have a baby Can anything bad happen to the male?

Don't do it. it's illegal. Especially for you. There was a few boys at my school ages 13 - 14 and they were playing with a girl on the bus. They all got arrested and went to court. The girl was th... Read More »