Is it okay to go to college to get a job for the sake of money and getting rich?

Answer Sure. If your goal is money and your personality is aggressive enough and competative enough to achieve that goal, then yes, it's perfectly okay to have "tons of money" as your career goal...99% of... Read More »

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How to Ask Rich People for Money?

There are many ineffective ways to become a millionaire, but this one works. Yes, your teachers and parents may say, "There are no get rich quick schemes. The only way to be rich is through hard wo... Read More »

What are the lyrics to Comin' to your city by Big and Rich for College Gameday for ESPN?

Well we're comin to your city. Well we screamed Boomer Sooner, Roll Tide Roll, and Go Big Blue! Had a ball down on the Bayou and on the plains. We saw blue turf and the Tomahawk Chop, and the Ga... Read More »

I want to be rich! mega rich! with millions! whats the first step to that?

First you have to make some money and save like there is no tomorrow. Then you have to choose an investment to put it into. Property is always the best investment. Income property is always a sure ... Read More »

Has any one seen the direct tv advertisments to buy rich mens systems promising to get you a cheep house better creditand wounderous things if you buy there system of doing things bunk they get rich y?