Is it okay to french kiss your daughter on her lips?

Answer A father shouldn't french kiss his daughter.

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Is it inappropriate for a dad to kiss his daughter on the lips?

A kiss is just a kiss. Society at times dictates how we should do things because of how others are going to perceive it. Many daughter kiss there dads on the lips. As long as you are ok with it and... Read More »

How to Pucker Your Lips for a Kiss?

In order to kiss with your lips closed, you need to pucker (stick out) your lips a little so that they can meet with the other person's. This page will offer some tips.

How to Soften Your Lips for That Unforgettable Kiss?

Kissing is a special act that is usually done with someone of significance. It is done with some affection and meaning so, it is good to have soft kissable lips. The kiss I an talking about is that... Read More »

How to kiss small lips if have big lips?