Is it okay to eat with a concussion?

Answer yes its fine. doctors used to have patients woken up every two hours, but theyre even doing away with that. now if you feel dizzy or nausea, call the doctor

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Would it be okay to go to the beach with a concussion?

It would help if I had a lot more information before I could say for sure. Generally you should not go to the beach with a concussion though. How did it happen? Do you have a headache? A wound? d... Read More »

Masturbating with a concussion?

Drinking with a concussion ?

Better not have alcohol for maybe 4 weeks, though healing may or may not take place in that time.

Can you be Navy fighter pilot with a previous concussion?

In Dick Couch's Book entitled Down Range that there was a SEAL who graduated from the Air Force Academy, played football there, and wanted to become an Air Force pilot. But he sustained a concussio... Read More »