Is it okay to eat sliced Turkey/Ham uncooked?

Answer It is precooked before it is sliced and packedHman

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What does uncooked mean?

Its referring to the capacity of cooked or uncooked rice. Cooked takes up more space.

What happens if you eat uncooked bacon?

Trichinosis, also called trichinellosis, or trichiniasis, is a parasitic disease caused by eating raw or undercooked pork or wild game infected with the larvae of a species of roundworm Trichinella... Read More »

What does deli-sliced mean?

"Deli-sliced" refers to meat or cheese that has been thinly sliced using a deli-slicer, which ensures the pieces are all the same thickness. Deli-sliced products can be bought fresh from the deli o... Read More »

Can you eat fresh cranberries uncooked?

On One Hand: Eat Them RawFresh cranberries are a great snack that you can pop in your mouth at any time. They are a bit tart, so they may take some getting used to. But they are full of antioxidan... Read More »