Is it okay to eat seafood when pregnant?

Answer Answer it is safer not to because of the chance of mercury poison or other contaminants that may harm the fetus.

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Is aspirin okay when pregnant?

AnswerNo. You need to take Tylenol (acetaminophen, paracetamol in UK)

Is it okay to eat peanuts when you are pregnant?

On One Hand: Peanuts are BeneficialPeanuts are a good source of folate and protein, which are important during pregnancy. Folate--folic acid found in various foods--can help prevent brain and spina... Read More »

When are xrays okay to take when pregnant?

Xrays generally safe in pregnancy The long answer has to do with the amount of potentially damaging radiation a fetus receives and varies widely depending on how many weeks pregnant one is and what... Read More »

Is it okay to wear a body slimmer when you are few weeks pregnant?

Answer Up until about 12 weeks your body doesn't change much anyway so you should be fine. After about 16-17 weeks you will probably want to wear a specific maternity support.