Is it okay to eat kiwifruit with skin ?

Answer Kiwi fruit skin is definitely edible, and there's a lot of different theories about eating it.In New Zealand, it's very common to eat kiwi raw, with the skin, while in other parts of the world the ... Read More »

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Is kiwi skin okay to eat?

it hurts your tongue a lot for a long time.It hurts that happened to me.I hate it!

Is it okay to eat mango skin?

Mango skin is safe for many to eat, but the sap from mango trees, called urushiol, is a common allergen found on mango skin that causes rashes and blisters, according to NutritionATC. Urushiol is t... Read More »

How to Grow Kiwifruit?

Kiwifruit (Actinidia chinensis) is originally from China and is also known as Chinese gooseberry. It is both edible and ornamental and grows as a vine that is vigorous and strong. If you are keen o... Read More »

How to Make Kiwifruit Relish?

Kiwifruit relish is a New Zealand tradition. Make it when the kiwifruits are in abundance! The relish will keep well unopened for a number of months, in a cool, dry place.