Is it okay to eat expired chocolate?

Answer Yes. But not if you are a dog because chocolate can be toxic to dogs. Humans should be fine though. If the chocolate looks okay then it more than likely is. Chocolate that has gone really bad will ... Read More »

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Is it okay to eat expired 9 year old popcorn?

Why would you want to eat it if it is 9 years old. Go to the store and buy some new Popcorn. Why risk being sick?????

Can I drink expired chocolate milk?

that date probably does NOT say expired.I bet it says best if used by...And it will probably also say "will remain wholesome for up to a week after this date"Basically if milk is spoiled, it will t... Read More »

I just drank expired chocolate milk..?

um yeah... I mean it is expired. My sister got sick from drinking expired milk. It wasn't so bad...but still

Is it okay to eat chocolate when your sick?

Go ahead and eat them. But be ready ready for a trip to the bathroom and a belly ache.