Is it okay to drink warm milk after alcohol?

Answer course it's ok, milk curdles once it reaches the ph below it's natural acidity, once it gets to your stomach it would curdle anyway

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How long after a tonsillectomy is it okay to drink alcohol and just get back to normal life?

starting day 10 post op you can eat mostly normal foods and do mostly normal need to wait until day 21 post op to...-eat rough foods like pop corn, chips, and pretzels-drink alcohol-... Read More »

Is it okay to drink milk when you have the chicken pox?

I drink 1 pint of Low fat milk and 3 liters of water Is this okay?

Maybe drink a little less milk. But the benefits of drinking lots of water are your complexion brightens it detoxes your body and It keeps your mind sharp. The benefits of drinking lots of milk are... Read More »

Is it okay for someone to drink alcohol when taking insulin?

Probably not. But most of us have a little nip now and then anyway. As long as everything is well under control, I don't have a problem with a little glass of wine occasionally.