Is it okay to drink a 24 pack of pepsi in two hours?

Answer No it is not your supposed to do that with Dr. Pepper

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Which soft drink will evaporate faster Coke, Sprite, Pepsi or 7UP Why(It's okay if you can't answer why)?

No need to guess. Just take an exactly equal amount of each one and put them in a room with a small space heater in it turned on high and see which one evaporates faster. Be sure none of them are i... Read More »

I had a cup of milk in a glass covered with a paper towel on top for 24 hours, is it okay to drink?

As long as it wasn't in contact with anything (in particular meat/poultry/seafood), it should be okay.

Which do you like better pepsi or coke to drink I like pepsi?

Why when I ask for a Coke, do waiters at restaurants ask "Is Pepsi okay"?

I'm not a big Pepsi fan, I prefer Coke, actually Diet Coke since I do not like sweet pop. And yep, sometime, depending on my mood if they don't have Diet Coke I'll take water or Iced Tea. Just do... Read More »