Is it okay to bathe a puppy with baby shampoo?

Answer On One Hand: Baby Shampoo Can Irritate Animal SkinPuppies need a shampoo specially made for their coat type and skin. Shampoos made for humans--even gentle ones such as baby shampoo--can sap oils f... Read More »

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Can you use baby shampoo on your puppy?

No. I used to work in an animal hospital bathing dogs and this is what we were told: Because baby shampoo is very gentle on the eyes, many people assume that it is also gentle on the skin. Babies ... Read More »

How to Bathe Your Puppy?

Your puppy is dirty, their skin smells funny, he has dirty paws. Whatever the reason, your puppy needs a bath. Read this to learn how.

How do i bathe a dog with dry shampoo?

Pick out a safe spot to use the dry shampoo. This could be outside or in your bathtub (without water, of course). Prepare the dog by brushing him thoroughly.Shake the dry shampoo over the dog avo... Read More »

How to Bathe a Newborn Puppy?

PuppyNewborn Puppies are adorable but they are very messy and hard to cleanup. So, why not bathe your newborn puppy at home?