Is it okay if dogs eat dry cat food?

Answer On One Hand: Dogs Love Cat FoodDogs love the taste of cat food, and will often sneak as much as they can if they are left unattended. Cat food can be used as a dog treat as long as it is not fed as... Read More »

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Are pumpkin seeds okay for dogs?

On One Hand: Pumpkin Seeds are SafeDogs can eat pumpkin, including the flesh and the seeds. Dogs are omnivorous, so eating a fruit is not harmful, and pumpkin seeds are not toxic for dogs. In fact,... Read More »

Is regular shampoo okay to use on dogs?

Do not use human shampoo on dogs. There are several key differences between dogs and humans; human shampoo can create skin problems with dogs and irritate skin by removing beneficial oil.The human ... Read More »

Vegetarians: Why is it okay for dogs to eat meat but not for humans?

Part of the reason I became vegetarian was because humans can be vegetarian. It is safe for us to become vegetarian medically where as some animals can not survive off a meat free diet. Humans al... Read More »

What Kinds of Enzymes Are Okay to Feed to Dogs?

Dog lovers and owners everywhere must become acquainted with the workings of their pets' stomach to ensure that man's best friend remains at its best. There are dozens of different enzymes, which b... Read More »